International Foundry Website

  • Big data application platform of foundry industry
  • Che Shunqiang acting as CEO established the company in Beijing in 2006, and the member & advertisement mode was changed as the free mode in 2012.

The International Foundry is the website affiliated to Shaanxi Internet Foundry Information & Technology Co., Ltd. and established in presence of supports of multiple domestic and foreign relevant experts. The International Foundry is the core strategic cooperative partner of world foundry organization (WFO) and its core business is to provide the domestic and foreign corporate customers of the foundry industry with all-round consultation, communication and relevant E- commerce services on technology, market, talents, operations, information and so on by using the internet. Relying on several domestic well-known and top colleges in China, we also own a group of famous foundry experts and consultants at home and abroad. We have built one international business communication platform for the foundry industry in China and even the world in presence of our own efforts and continuous improvement, special and efficient operation mode and professional, quick, exact, convenient and practical services. To set up, perfect and become the new business platform having the maximum users in the world is our unremitting and persistent objective; to create the maximum return for the customers is our eternal promise; and to develop jointly with our customers and carry out win-win with customers are our solid foundation of all tasks. We welcome the far-sighted persons of all sectors of society to communicate and cooperate with us friendly to build the brand of international foundry jointly.

Meizhu Electronic Mall

  • Professional comprehensive service platform of foundry industry - “” of foundry industry.
  • Online order + offline experiences + O2O mode of transaction
  • Internet + foundry materials + standard castings + foundry equipment + finance of industrial chain

International Foundry·Meizhu Electronic Mall is also called Meizhu which is affiliated to Shaanxi Internet Foundry Information and Technology Co., Ltd. It is the professional comprehensive service platform of foundry industry and is committed to electronizing and internetizing the foundry materials, purchasing and supply of castings and foundry equipment. Moreover, high-quality, low cost, one-stop services and credit supports are becoming the permanent characteristics of Meizhu.

Operation of Meizhu Electronic Mall includes two parts - foundry commodities and FMCG ("YiCai"). The core foundry suppliers can be found all over the country; and Meizhu Electronic Mall owns four major product series including more than 300 categories and more than 2600 items, covering relevant products, such as all kinds of foundry sand, pig iron, scrap steel, accessories, castings and forgings, and equipments required by foundry. The "YiCai" is positioned as the enterprise-level fast moving consumer market, covering multiple articles needed in daily life, such as labor insurance, daily use and office; and it also has the region for private customization. All enterprises entered into the mall shall pass real-name authentication; the real information shall be disclosed, the commodities shall be sold at expressly marked price to ensure the benefit of the users. Meizhu Electronic Mall is operated on the principle of "Selling is service" and is called “” in the field of foundry.

Meizhu Electronic Mall shall reduce the cost pressure of the enterprises by reducing the costs of enterprises continuously, improving the production efficiency and enhancing product quality. Further, Meizhu Electronic Mall shall strengthen the after-sale technical services and remove the worries of the users to help the foundry enterprises to keep the competitive advantages in the market.

International Foundry·Finance

  • Internet finance on the basis of foundry industry supply chain solves funding of enterprises related to foundry in key links, such as transaction and helps the foundry enterprises to implement the capital operations.

Casting BBS

  • The largest casting technology interaction BBS in China.
  • 50,000 fans interact and share information; 70,000 posts are involved in technical communication to give the answers.
  • Expert team of foundry technologies helps you to solve the technical difficulty in foundry and production.

Technology exchange and discussion | Communicate the difficulties in foundry, and accumulate technical essences while discussing the solution and sharing successful method.

Online answering of experts | The experts give the recommendations so that the users can avoid detours, save production cost and improve the product quality.

Intellectual property transaction | Quicken promotion of intellectual property and benefit the manufacturing industry in China while implementing application of innovation product and urging formation of innovative thought.

Foundry Witkey | Design of foundry process, drawing of drawings and translation, professional design of LOGO, specialization, and win-win.

Industrial Internet of Things

  • Remote internet + rapid tooling/rapid mold cavity/ rapid sample piece/personalized castings in allusion to foundry.

3D Print, Rapid Prototyping Center

  • printing and quick forming center.
  • Remote internet + rapid tooling/rapid mold cavity/ rapid sample piece/personalized castings in allusion to foundry.

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