The personnel of International Foundry went to Australia; the working team of IPO listing entered; and listing entered the countdown!

International Foundry Network announces that International Foundry Network will attend Australian Securities Exchange IPO listing press conference, which showing official launch of Australia listing procedure, based on which, International Foundry Network will be the first Chinese foundry industrial internet enterprise listing in main board of Australian Securities Exchange.

The listing working team is stationed and listing of International Foundry Network starts counting down, which can be called as an “ice-breaking trip”. The systematic breakthrough will bring numerous changes to International Foundry Networ and foundry industry in a lone term. Landing capital market can bring more marketization ideas.

Listing of International Foundry Network is a heart-stirring news for more than 200,000,000 foundry practitioners in China that. Industrial value of internet+foundry is expected to rocket explosively.

As for International Foundry Network, relaying on advantage of operation platform, it provides service in multiple fields such as purchase, order, technology, finance, Internet of Things, 3D printing and so on. Moreover, it is featured with multiple advantages such as core advantage of International Foundry Network, including unique advantage of “International Foundry” trademark brand; advantage of foundry industry database accumulated in 10 years; freely-opened international foundry network+foundry forum platform and low lost advantage attracting customers’ orders. In scope of internet+foundry, International Foundry Network mainly play the role of internet+foundry practitioner and industry e-commerce revolutionary. As “the first one eating the crab”, listing of International Foundry Network will set a good example for foundry industry in China

All equipments can be connected with the internet intelligently; and remote control and production data can be acquired easily!

Leading by International Foundry Industry Internet of Things Center, generation 1 industry Internet of Things system of International Foundry was tested successfully in factory on August 8, 2015. After one year, generation 2 industry Internet of Things system that is researched and developed by International Foundry succeeded and entered into actual development and application stage on May 2016.

It is introduced by General Manager Gao in charge of research and development of the system that, combined with traditional industry, generation 2 industry Internet of Things system is not only upgraded in aspect of appearance, performance, safety and actual operation, but also integrated with some black technologies such as “intelligent learning” and “intelligent analysis”, etc., which makes it can analyze and control professionally without professional technology personnel in actual factory application.

Compatible with traditional machines, generation 2 industry Internet of Things system that is researched and developed by International Foundry innovates in “intelligent learning” function, completely upgrades applications of storage, communication, transmission, management and control, perception and safety, etc., and provide basic technical guarantee for internet customers’ data privacy protection.

Generation 2 industry Internet of Things system is researched and developed completely based on the self innovation system of China’s IT industry, so as to realize self technical system control from bottom to top and content and transmission control form top to bottom; and make track of transmission and transfer visible.

International Foundry successfully lists in Shanghai Equity Exchange!

Shaanxi Internet Foundry Information and Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed in Shanghai Equity Exchange at 16:30, October 28, 2014. The company is named as International Foundry for short and recommended by BMI company, enterprise code is 202211. Zhou Yiyong, president of the company, Che Shunqiang, CEO, and Yang Zhentang, the first vice chairman of Xi’an Union of Industry and Commerce, vice chairman of General Chamber of Commerce of Xi’an City and standing vice chairman of Hong Kong Xian Trade Association Limited, and Li Keli, the person in charge of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited Real Estate Co., Ltd. Attended the ceremony. The listing means the enterprise gets involved in financial capital market officially.

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