Chronicle of Events

February, 2017
The overseas companies were set up successfully: State Foundry Overseas Holdings Co., Ltd., State Foundry Holdings Group Co., Ltd. and State Foundry (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd.

January, 2017
The personnel of International Foundry went to Australia; the working team of IPO listing entered; and the listing entered the countdown!

December, 2016
International Foundry·Meizhu Mall entered into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, and the mall with accumulated reward points was renamed as "Yicai".

November, 2016
The personnel of International Foundry went to Australia for IPO listing, and road show in Chengdu was begun.

September, 2016
The first phase of Easy Purchase Festival of Meizhu Mall was started.

August, 2016
The personnel of International Foundry went to Australia for listing on main board, and road show was performed in Shanghai

July, 2016
The personnel of International Foundry went to Australia for news release conference of listing of IPO and Industrial-IoT system.

June, 2016
The International Foundry·Finance came online.

February, 2016
The new Meizhu Mall came online, and merchants are welcomed to join the Meizhu Mall!

September, 2015
The seventh international foundry meeting was held and the press conference about International Foundry turning to version E was held.

August, 2015
Generation 1 product of industrial internet was researched successfully.

October, 2014
International Foundry Network was listed in Shanghai Equity Exchange (enterprise name: International Foundry, enterprise code: 202211).

June, 2014
International Foundry Network was ranked in top-100 among China new media windows.

March, 2014
Mzhuzao Shopping Mall began its operation.

October, 2013
All information of International Foundry Network were available for free.

September, 2012
The fifth casting purchasing meeting was held.

March, 2012
The first casting demand and supply meeting of International Foundry Network was held.

January, 2012
Purchasers exceeded 1,000 and gold members exceeded 500.

November, 2011
International Foundry Network obtained Telecom value-added service business license.

July, 2011
Daily average page view of International Foundry Network broke through 400,000 and the trademark of “International Foundry” was registered successfully.

June, 2011
International Foundry Network became the first one to approved by State Administration of Taxation to be general taxpayer.

April, 2011
International Foundry Network Foundry Material Business Division was established and foreign trade website was opened officially.

June, 2010
Trademark of “International Foundry Network” was registered successfully.

April, 2010
International Foundry Network was ranked in top-100 among China e-commerce industry websites.

March, 2010
Daily average page view broke through 300,000.

September, 2009
Shaanxi Internet Foundry Information & Technology Co., Ltd. was established and settled in Xi’an High-tech Zone

June, 2009
International Foundry Network was entitled as a high-tech enterprise.

April, 2009
Daily average page view broke through 200,000 and registration volume of purchasers exceeded 10,000.

September, 2008
Daily average page view broke through 50,000, and Cangzhou Office and Jiangsu Office were established.

June, 2007
International Foundry Network started its demutualization operation and Che Shunqiang served as the CEO.

March, 2007
Registration domain name of International Foundry Network:,

International Foundry Network was established.

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