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As the pathfinder and leader of industrial internet, and practitioner and leader of internet and foundry, we are committed to making a contribution to promotion of industrial informatization process in China and the operator of international foundry network system now. Operation of the company includes two aspects – Technology innovation and mode innovation, and is specific to following modules:

We offer the internet E-commerce and IOT services and help the users of the foundry industry in presence of industrial ecosystem by making use of high efficiency and low cost of internet and new generation information technology to solve the critical commercial services during operation, including problems of purchasing, order, production technologies and funds.

Eight major core advantages:

  • Industrial database | Comprehensive database of foundry industry accumulated by International Foundry during ten-year operations.
  • Brand power | "International Foundry" brand accumulated during long-term operations is taken as the registered trademark of the company.
  • Low attracting cost | Free international foundry network platform and low cost in attracting orders of the users.
  • Offline experiences | The creative and revolutionary offline industrial purchasing experiences and perception and control to quality stimulate the ordering confidences of the users, thereby reducing the cost of attracting the users' orders.
  • Industrial resources | Resources of foundry technologies + high-quality supply resources of the industry + high-quality purchaser resources.
  • Development space | The volume of transaction of the whole industry exceeds RMB1000 billion per year.
  • Effective users | 330,000 PC members, 25,000 mobile clients and more than 5000 industrial enterprises per day visit the website.
  • Solve the pain points | where can we find out the orders? How to decrease the cost? How to expand the new market? All these difficulties in practices can be solved.


  • Striving for the first-class enterprise and create the value service.
  • Vision | Form "aircraft carrier" of global foundry industry.
  • Mission | Create value for the customers continuously.
  • Core culture | It is right as long as you create value for the customers maximally.
  • Management concept | Acquire more profits and development for the customers continuously.
  • LOGO | The circle, square and triangle are combined together to represent the physical materials in the world are formed by these shapes varied together; the circle also represents 360°, and showing "More considerate" -- 361°service concept of Internet Foundry with one point on the circle.

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